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2003 Sauvignon Blanc

The 2003 harvest was a challenge but the Sauvignon Blanc promises to be a terrific wine. Faced with reduced yield from our Green Ravine Vineyard, we looked to Napa and obtained additional fruit from the prestigious Juliana’s Vineyard. We kept the two lots separate initially, but it soon became evident that their flavor and structure were perfectly compatible, so a harmonious blend was born. We also obtained some Semillion from nearby Sierra Foothills neighbors to enhance complexity and richness. The Ophir Wines 2003 Sauvignon Blanc is a traditional blend of 92% Sauvignon Blanc and 8% Semillion.

estimated release date: June, 2004

2003 Oui Rosé

We didn’t know how people would react to a dry Rosé so we made only a small lot of the 2002. As it turned out, the response was very enthusiastic, and we were determined to make more Rosé in 2003. The '03 growing and harvest season proved uncooperative at best, and resulted in a reduced yield of most of our red grapes. We did not want to reduce production of red wines in favor of Rosé. What to do? It can be fairly said that the harvest of 2003 was a mother -- of invention. So our 2003 Rosé is an only-in-California blend of five French and Italian grape varieties -- Syrah, Mourvedre, Cinsault, Sangiovese, and Cabernet Sauvignon. This is a gorgeous looking wine of complex, vibrant flavors, suggesting strawberry, plum and pepper.

estimated release date: June, 2004

2003 Syrah

The unpredictable harvest of 2003 did not spare the yield of our red wine grapes. While the quantity of Syrah from our Gold Blossom Vineyard was about what we expected, the yield of Gold Blossom Zinfandel and Petite Sirah was less, and the Petite Sirah from our neighbor's Granite Bay Vineyard was reduced considerably. The wines completed their primary fermentation normally in open top containers, followed by the secondary or malo-lactic fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The wines were then racked into oak barrels, about 15% of which were new this year. We’ve conducted our early taste trials and made the first round of blends. Despite the unpredictable yields from this goofy harvest season, the quality is fine, and the aroma and flavor of the red wines is promising. Stay tuned.

The Syrah will remain in barrel 18 months to two years.

Expected release date: 2005.

2002 Syrah is currently available.

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