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Craig is the utility man, the techno-geek and the lab rat. He began making wine for the most basic reason.....he enjoys drinking it. When he and Martye moved to their home in Ophir in 1979, the land gave them the opportunity to experiment with varied interests. Martye began to raise dairy goats and for several years managed her own dairy. Craig decided to plant a vineyard and try his hand at wine-making from the ground up. That went well but things really took off when Mike and Paul came on the scene. Paul brought much more discipline to the viticultural practices while Mike introduced new flare to the wine making. The dairy was remodeled into a winery and the rest will be history, maybe. With degrees in the biological sciences and a love of technology (there ain't nuthin' he can't fix), the transition to commercial status was a fit for Craig. "It was the first time I had any practical use, whatever, for organic chemistry." He's the guy who reads the directions and keeps the new equipment functional as well as providing all the lab analysis and quality control. Along with those of Mike and Paul, Craig's training and talents go in to bringing to you what we hope will be memorable wines.

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