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Ophir Wines

Questions about Ophir Wines

Q: Where is Ophir?

A: The Ophir winery is located on Santini Lane outside of Newcastle, California, a mile or so downstream from the former site of the lively gold rush community of Ophir. The town of Ophir no longer exists, having burned down in the 1800s, but the area alongside Auburn Ravine where the town was located has retained the name for local use.

Q: Are you open to the public?

A: Not at this time. Along with some other small Placer County wineries, Ophir is participating in several planned “Open Houses” where visitors can come to, in our case, Gold Blossom Vineyard for a day of wine tasting, art, music, demonstrations and other activities. These events will be posted on the “welcome” page of our site as well as the Placer Hills Winery Tour site. You may wish to sign up for our email newsletter to receive advance notice about these events.

Q: If you don't have a tasting room, how can I try your wines?

A: Good question.  We participate in a number of community events such as the Placer Hills Winery Tour, Auburn Wine Festival, Placer Farm and Barn Tour, Lincoln Showcase, Taste of Placer, as well as miscellaneous benefits and tastings where our wines are available for sampling. If you would like to be informed in advance about such festivities, please sign up for our mailing list and we will send out advance notice when events like these are scheduled.

Q: Are there any restaurants, wine shops or grocery stores that carry your wines?

Restaurants that feature Ophir Wines:
Wine Shops & Wine Bars that carry Ophir Wines:
Retail Purchases?
  • Please contact us here.

Q: I'm looking for an older article or newsletter?  Where do you keep your archives?

A: The cellar, of course.

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