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Meet the People of Ophir Wines

OPHIR WINES is the story of three California food and wine lovers and a shared dream of growing and producing fine wine. The future partners began their journey on solo paths but as fate would have it their paths eventually merged. Craig was the first to come to Ophir, in California's historic gold rush country, moving there in 1979 and planting a predominately Sauvignon Blanc vineyard. At the same time Mike, in Sacramento, and Paul, in San Francisco, were experimenting with making their own wines, with grapes and guidance from Wine and the People, the legendary Berkeley, California-based home winemaker supplier.

In 1980 Paul migrated to Sacramento, fortuitously moving in next door to Mike. Following an over-the back-fence conversation between the neighbors a wine-making collaboration was born. Craig, still on his own, tended his vineyard and learned the art of making wine from the ground up while Paul and Mike's endeavors earned them gold medals for their foothill Sauvignon Blanc wines made with purchased grapes.

Determined to grow his own grapes, Paul and his wife, Lois, bought 22 acres of bare land in Ophir. With Mike's help, they planted five acres of Rhône varietals, Syrah, Mourvedre and Cinsaut and a small amount of Zinfandel and Petite Sirah.

Spotting a vineyard in the neighborhood, Paul soon made the acquaintance of his neighbor, Craig. Paul introduced Craig and Mike and the three began combining their skills in the winery and the vineyards to grow premium grapes and produce superior wine.

In 2002 Ophir Wines was bonded and crushed our first commercial lot of grapes. Craig, Mike, and Paul hope you enjoy their wines as much as they enjoyed creating them for you.

À votre santé!
Craig, Mike and Paul

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