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Harvest notes - 09/11/03

by Craig Green

The lower block of Paul's Syrah is 21.5 brix as of this morning. We'd like at least 24 and at a maximum rise of 2 degrees/week it is virtually certain that it won't be there by the we are now looking at Saturday, 27 September as the picking date. It is possible, but unlikely, that it could go a week past that and be on 4 October. Our embedded viticulturist will keep us informed as events unfold.

Meanwhile, we managed about 800 lbs of Sauvignon Blanc from my vineyard last Monday. What we were able to use is good but, as mentioned in the earlier note, it was a bad year and production was off by about 70%. The wine (about 50 gallons) is now in primary fermentation in temperature controlled stainless steel.

Because of the low quantity from my vineyard, we purchased a ton of Sauvignon Blanc from Napa (Pope Valley, actually) and pressed that separately yielding about 130 gallons and it, too, is in the early stages of primary fermentation. For those interested in such things, a ton of Napa Sauvignon Blanc, picked and loaded in to bins on your pick up truck at the vineyard leaves the premises at $1,500.

This Saturday we'll pick, crush and press the Barton Road Petite Sirah and, probably a small amount of Zinfandel from Paul's vineyard. We'll have the weekend of the 20th to continue work on all of the above and then, on the 27th (interim weather cooperating) we'll crank it up again for our major production.....the Syrah.

À votre santé!
Craig, Mike and Paul

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