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.:It Starts in the Vineyard:.

Paul is the Ophir Wines viticulture specialist. In the age-old debate over whether great wine is made in the vineyard or the winery he aligns himself with those that believe nothing is possible without great grapes to start with. When pressed to do so, he will acknowledge the value added contribution of the winemakers.

While growing up in LA he yearned for the country. Through college and law school he combined his love of food and growing things in a vegetable garden wherever he lived. Once he added good wine to the mix he dreamed of having a vineyard. He started a 20 year search for vineyard land. Money being in short supply in 1978, he began making wine from purchased grapes while he looked. As fate would have it, he and his wife move to Sacramento in 1980. It was September, crush time, and when he asked his new neighbor, Mike, what he was up to. Mike said he was making wine. A year later they began collaborating on their wine making projects. Fast forward 15 years and Paul and Lois bought their property in the historic gold rush community of Ophir and began the process of converting derelict ranch property into a vineyard. Eight years later they have achieved their dream of establishing a premium wine grape vineyard. It is their hope that you will enjoy the wine made from the grapes of Gold Blossom vineyard as much as they have enjoyed growing them.

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