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Privacy Policy

We have a very straightforward privacy policy: We do not share your personal information with anyone. Your information (shipping, billing address, email, etc.) comes to us via secure methods and we use it to provide you with what you've ordered. Nobody else gets to see it. Never. Period.

The information you give to us is only used to fulfill your order and to contact you if there is any problem fulfilling the order. See the following for an overview of all information we require from you and why:

Email Address:

Your Email address is used to create and access your account. We will only use this to notify you of the status of you order, and will NEVER send you unauthorized Email or product information.

Phone Number:

In the case that there is any problem fulfilling your order, we will want to contact you as quickly as possible. The most common problems we encounter are credit card typos or declines and product availability issues.


We collect address information for the sole purposes of verifying your credit card and shipping your orders.

All data sent to us via this website is encrypted for your security using SSL. Only authorized Ophir Wines personnel will ever view your information.

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Privacy Policy
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